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Fish Fillets NG is a Linux port of the wonderful puzzle game Fish Fillets from ALTAR interactive.
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  • 1998 - Fish Fillets - official game release (Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP)
  • December 2002 - released as a freeware
  • March 2004 - released source code and data files under GNU/GPL, work on the Linux port started
City In the Deep: Mr. Cheops's House Treasure Cave: Giant's Chest

Game description

Fish Fillets NG is strictly a puzzle game. The goal in every of the seventy levels is always the same: find a safe way out. The fish utter witty remarks about their surroundings, the various inhabitants of their underwater realm quarrel among themselves or comment on the efforts of your fish. The whole game is accompanied by quiet, comforting music.

Latest news

  • 9th September 2011   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 1.0.1
    What's new

    • Fixed a bug in the last levels. Fish were unable to swim to some places. It happened next to the room border. The bug was introduced in version 0.9.2. Big thanks Radek and Mirek Olsak for discovering it.

  • 25th August 2011   -   Fish Fillets Clone
    Mirek Olsak prepared a Fish Fillets Clone. It contains new rules and new levels. In the game, fish die less often. And objects have friction.

  • 23rd December 2010   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 1.0.0
    What's new

    • Dutch spoken dialogs for all levels (by Astrid de Wijn and friends).
    • Disallowed a move, to be consistent with the original Fish Fillets. Pushing of partially supported objects is disallowed. The object has to be supported by a wall or by a fish who isn't directly under it.

      pushing a partially supported object

      You could switch back to the less restrictive rules by using "strict_rules=0" config option. Thanks Brian Raiter for reporting the discrepancy.

    • Provided music looping without fading (by Brian Raiter).

    download from the Download section.

  • 25th February 2010   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.3
    What's new

    • Fixed compilation with the newer fribidi-0.19.2.

  • 16th October 2009   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.2
    What's new

    • Fixed undefined behavior in the last levels. The outgoing objects could be stopped by an obstacle (thanks Josef Peterka for pointing it out).
    • Fixed strange background colors on the F10 and F1 screens. SDL-1.2.14 would fix these too.

  • 3rd July 2009   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.1
    What's new

    • Used sound frequency 44100 to prevent crackles (thanks to Josef Peterka).

  • 14th June 2009   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.9.0
    What's new

    • Level 'linux' (by Mirek Olsak).
    • Level 'electromagnet' (by Stephan Barth).
    • Embedded intro video (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
    • Faster undo (hold -) (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
    • Redo (hold +).
    • Czech spoken dialogs for level 'keys' (thanks to Mirek Olsak).
    • Updated Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov).
    • Updated Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson).
    • Enhanced graphics for the NG levels (by Fank Skalicky).

  • 3rd January 2009   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.8.1
    What's new

    • Two extra levels (by Stephan Barth and Mirek Olsak).
    • Added support for translated images (by Leonid Myravjev).
    • Prevented music restart on undo.
    • Fixed checking for solvable room before undo saving.
    • Fixed checking for second dead fish.

  • 22nd December 2007   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.8.0
    What's new

    • Undo (on key '-')
    • Five extra levels (by Mirek Olsak)
    • Slovenian translation (by Marko Burjek)
    • Brazilian Portuguese translation (by Ricardo Faria)
    • Russian translation (by Leonid Myravjev, Maria Antropova, Gregory Bonik)

  • 11th March 2007   -   Fish Fillets 2
    Altar Games released the sequel: Fish Fillets 2.
    It is pity that it is for Windows only. Other users could at least see a flash video from the game.

  • 21st December 2006   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.4
    What's new

    • One extra level (by Mirek Olsak)
    • Bulgarian translation (by Damyan Ivanov)
    • Swedish translation (by Olov Gustavsson)
    • Fixed table iterations for lua5.1

  • 3rd October 2005   -   Minor release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.2
    What's new

    • Experimental support for RTL texts
    • Tab/Enter are usable on worldmap
    • Flags show language tips
    • Lua is statically linked again

  • 17th July 2005   -   Bug fix release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.1
    What's new

    • Spanish translation
    • Dutch translation
    • minor bug fixes (default speech, mingw32 build)

  • 29th May 2005   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.7.0
    What's new

    • Italian translation
    • Polish translation
    • correction of English dialogs
    • step counter color depends on active fish
    • options menu is refreshed when lang is changed
    • added menu to choose speech ("cs" or "none")
    • enabled speech=cs as default
    • fixed fullscreen on win32
    • updated halloffame score (thanks to many)

  • 8th November 2004   -   Italian translation started
    Simone Cociancich started Italian translation.
    New translators are welcome!

  • 13th October 2004   -   Packages for MacOS X
    Jason Kingan prepared .dmg for MacOS X

  • 11th October 2004   -   Bug fix release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.6.1
    What's new

    • fixed crash with empty lang

  • 10th October 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.6.0
    What's new

    • 24 new levels + final level
    • better mouse support - see How to Play
    • menu tooltips
    • level help on F1
    • hall of fame integration for pedometer
    • intro.avi as a separate file
    • complete French translation
    • complete German translation
    • fbcon support
    • win32 binary package

  • 2nd October 2004   -   Game intro
    Game intro is encoded using MPEG-4 video codec. The video quality is not very good because it was created in 1998.
    Download intro.avi (9.2MB)

  • 25th September 2004   -   Localization document and new screenshots
    If you think about translation Fish Fillets NG to your language, this localization document will be helpful.
    All screenshots were updated.

  • 18th August 2004   -   Bug fix release - Fish Fillets NG - 0.5.1
    What's new

    • fixed crash in level 'corals'

  • 11th August 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.5.0
    What's new

    • removed libboost dependence
    • options menu on F10
    • 19 new levels
    • credits
    • initial German translation
    • some new options, see man page

  • 14th July 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.4.1
    This is bug fix release.
    What's new

    • fixed level wreck crash
    • fixed pyramid animation, level music music ;)
    • added man page

  • 8th July 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.4.0
    What's new

    • 19 new levels
    • French translation
    • pedometer counts moves
    • reworked font rendering
    • F5 key to show/hide level move counter
    • Shift key for faster game
    • wavy background
    • changed install method, see README

  • 28th June 2004   -   French translation started
    Frederic Panico started French translation. Some level dialogs and How to Play are done.
    New translators are welcome!

  • 10th May 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.3.0
    What's new

    • game world map
    • save/load (F2/F3)
    • two new levels
    • two animated videos
    • optional controls with spacebar and arrow keys
    • How to Play manual

  • 8th May 2004   -   New screenshots
    New screenshots of game map and some levels.

  • 7th May 2004   -   How to Play manual
    Read new How to Play. And Czech version.

  • 22nd April 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.2.1
    What's new

    • fixed crash on random(0)
    • changed config directory from $HOME/fillets-ng to $HOME/.fillets-ng

  • 21st April 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.2.0
    What's new

    • 6 playable levels
    • use keys A, S, D, W to control the small fish and keys J, K, L, I to control the bigger fish
    • object animations in level
    • english/czech subtitles, czech dialogs
    • level music

  • 6th April 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.1.1
    What's new

    • bug fix release
    • compiled and tested on Debian, Red Hat, FreeBSD

  • 4th April 2004   -   FreeBSD is supported
    CVS version of Fish Fillets NG is ready for FreeBSD. It was successfully compiled and played on FreeBSD.

  • 2nd April 2004   -   NEW RELEASE - Fish Fillets NG - 0.1.0
    What's new

    • first public release
    • one playable level

  • 2nd April 2004   -   Project Fish Fillets NG started