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Hall of Fame

Best solution = the least fish moves needed to solve the level

When you click on a finished level (golden bead), the pedometer appears. It shows the number of moves for your solution. If this number is lower than the number in the table below you have BETTER SOLUTION !

In that case send me your solution file - $HOME/.fillets-ng/solved/$codename.lua. The solution file contains characters that describe the moves of big fish (U, D, L, R) and small fish (u, d, l, r). I will write your name and number of moves to the table below. I will not send your solution file to anybody, only verify the solution.

Tip: use F5 to see the level move counter

Download latest script/worldfame.lua
Last update: 2. 11. 2013

Level Name Codename Best solution Solution date Solution author Level author
01  How It All Started start54 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
02  Briefcase Message briefcase225 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
03  Rehearsal in Cellar cellar375 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
04  Library Flotsam library111 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
05  Plants on the Stairs stairs163 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
06  A Mess in the Boiler Room broom193 x.y.2004  Ivo Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
07  Under the Reef reef169 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
08  Closed in the Closet wc100 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
09  Drowned Submarine submarine83 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
10  Picnic Boat party1236 30.10.2004  Mark Byers ALTAR Interactive
11  Great War elk257 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
12  The Ship of Captain Silver wreck91 26.10.2004  Hynek Vychodil ALTAR Interactive
13  The Last Voyage viking1119 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
14  Altitude: Minus 9000 Feet airplane235 11.6.2008  Johannes Drescher ALTAR Interactive
15  Bathyscaph bathyscaph82 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
16  Amphibious Tank tank402 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
17  Eight Vikings in a Boat viking2341 30.8.2009  Uoti Urpala ALTAR Interactive
18  Return from the Party party2283 28.4.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
19  The Gods Must Be Mad gods533 6.9.2010  Félix Marcotte-Gagnon ALTAR Interactive
20  House with an Elevator elevator1200 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
21  Welcome To Our City city481 4.6.2006  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
22  Independence Day ufo283 26.4.2006  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
23  The Columns columns283 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
24  Uneven Pavement pavement500 29.4.2010  Erik Hajduk ALTAR Interactive
25  Mr. Cheops’ House pyramid246 29.6.2006  Johan Rönnblom ALTAR Interactive
26  A Bit of Music music393 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
27  Crab Freak Show crabshow340 24.4.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
28  Another elevator elevator2455 4.6.2006  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
29  And How It Was atlantis531 1.6.2006  Uoti Urpala ALTAR Interactive
30  First Bizarre Things corals252 24.5.2011  David Glass ALTAR Interactive
31  Labyrinth labyrinth278 18.11.2004  Mark Byers ALTAR Interactive
32  Imprisoned imprisoned275 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
33  Closed Society society110 25.5.2009  Radovan Málek ALTAR Interactive
34  Sleeping Creatures creatures447 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
35  Cancan Crabs cancan578 18.11.2004  Mark Byers ALTAR Interactive
36  One More Pearl; Please! pearls475 29.4.2010  Erik Hajduk ALTAR Interactive
37  Telepathic Devil turtle620 18.11.2012  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
38  The Deep Server computer156 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
39  Almost No Wall noground44 21.8.2004  Heiko Luettges ALTAR Interactive
40  Plumbman’s Refuse bathroom90 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
41  Adventure with Pink Duckie duckie98 25.8.2004  Ronny Standtke ALTAR Interactive
42  Shredded Stickman puzzle144 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
43  Real Chaos dump426 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
44  Outraged Greenpeace barrel 12292.3.2013  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
45  The First Mate’s Cabin cabin1168 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
46  The Winter Mess Hall snowman66 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
47  Fire! cannons39 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
48  Ship Kitchen kitchen564 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
49  Second Mate`s Cabin cabin2383 16.10.2008  David Glass ALTAR Interactive
50  Captain`s Cabin captain417 27.4.2010  Erik Hajduk ALTAR Interactive
51  Silver’s Hideout map1541 4.6.2006  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
52  Power Plant reactor163 x.y.2004  Pavel Danihelka ALTAR Interactive
53  Strange Forces magnet408 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
54  Brm... Brm... engine256 5.4.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
55  Nothing but steel steel185 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
56  Guarded Corridor corridor523 29.5.2012  Amic Frouvelle ALTAR Interactive
57  Biological Experiments experiments706 26.7.2012  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
58  The Real Propulsion propulsion1964 2.3.2013  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
59  Aztec Art Hall aztec376 12.11.2004  Mark Byers ALTAR Interactive
60  Shiny Cave-in gems59 31.10.2004  Mark Byers ALTAR Interactive
61  Giant’s Chest chest271 10.2.2013  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
62  The Hall of Ali-baba alibaba459 24.4.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
63  The Deepest Cave cave186 27.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
64  What Would King Arthur Say? grail1681 2.3.2013  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
65  TETRIS tetris134 16.3.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
66  Emulator emulator620 28.4.2005  Gabor Braun ALTAR Interactive
67  Garden of War warcraft573 25.10.2004  Josef Peterka ALTAR Interactive
68  Favorites windoze525 10.2.2013  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
69  A Hardware Problem hardware629 30.10.2012  Zmiter Nikitin ALTAR Interactive
70  Read Only floppy890 7.7.2013  Aleš Zimmermann ALTAR Interactive
Level Name Codename Best solution Solution date Solution author Level author
71  Separated hanoi404 22.2.2008  Masaaki Irie Miroslav Olšák
72  Filled Car Park rush852 19.11.2007  Miroslav Olšák Miroslav Olšák
73  FDTO Building fdto243 30.7.2010  Masaaki Irie Miroslav Olšák
74  Rotate It rotate213 3.11.2008  Masaaki Irie Miroslav Olšák
75  No Wall at All nowall413 2.11.2013  Bertram Felgenhauer Miroslav Olšák
76  Hard Hole hole459 11.3.2010  Masaaki Irie Miroslav Olšák
77  Lock and Key key554 4.11.2012  Zmiter Nikitin Stephan Barth
78  Locksmithery keys281 8.9.2010  Erik Hajduk Miroslav Olšák
79  Linux Users Must Be Mad linux604 10.2.2013  Zmiter Nikitin Miroslav Olšák
80  Electromagnet electromagnet462 2.3.2013  Zmiter Nikitin Stephan Barth