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Fish Fillets - Next Generation Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AgentPackList of agents
AnimAnimation sprite
ApplicationMain application
BaseAgentAncestor for all agents
BaseExceptionGeneric exception
BaseListenerListen messages
ColorConstructor for SDL_Color
CommandCommand interface
CommandQueueQueue for sequential commands
ConsoleInputDebug console input handler
ControlsKeyboard and mouse controls
ControlSymControl symbols to save
CountAdvisorInterface to advise countdown
CubeA object in game
DecorScreen decoration
DemoInputHandle input for demo
DemoModeGraphic demo
DescFinderAllows to find level name and description
DialogDialog with sound and subtitle
DialogStackStack of running dialogs
DrawableInterface - draw able object
DummySoundAgentNO sound and music
EffectDisintegrateDraw disintegrating skeleton
EffectInvisibleDraw nothing
EffectMirrorMirror reflect left side
EffectNoneBlit without any special effect
EffectReverseBlit with reversed left and right side
EffectZxBlinking like ZX spectrum loading
ExInfoDetailed info
FieldTwo dimensional game field
FinderAlgAlgorithm to find shortest path
FinderFieldArray of closed nodes used for finding
FinderPlacePlace with some info used for finding
FishDialogWavy dialog
FontTrueType UTF-8 font
FsPathFile system path
GameAgentCreate game
GameInputInput which enables console and menu options
GameStateGame state
GoalGoal for model
HBoxHorizontal box
HelpExceptionOnly help is need
HelpInputHandle input for help screen
ImgExceptionException about SDL_image fail
INamedInterface - named object
InputAgentForward input events to handlers
InputHandlerHandle input events
InputProviderInterface to pressed keys and mouse location
IntMsgMessage with integer value
IWidgetWidget interface
KeyBinderKey binder
KeyConsoleDebug console
KeyControlKeyboard controls
KeyDescDescription of control key
KeymapTable of defined keys
LabelsLoads localized labels
LandslipLandslip for every round
LayeredPicturePicture with two layers and color mask
LayoutExceptionException about placement fail
LevelGame level with room
LevelCountDownCountdowns finished or wrong state
LevelDescMulti lang
LevelInputHandle input for level
LevelLoadingGame loading
LevelNodeNode on the map
LevelScriptHandle plan for dialogs and planned actions
LevelStatusStatus of level after a game
LoadExceptionException about load game fail
LogLog utils
LogicExceptionException about program fail
MarkMaskMarks and unmasks object from game field
MenuHelpHelp screen
MenuOptionsOptions menu which allow to set lang and tune volume
MessagerAgentList of listeners
MixExceptionException about SDL_mixer fail
ModelFactoryKnows how to create new models
ModelListWrapper around list of models
MouseControlMouse controls move
MouseStrokeContains info about mouse click
MultiDrawerContainer for pasive drawers
NameContains agent names
NameExceptionException about name fail
NoCopyClass with private copy constructor and assign operator
NodeDrawerDrawer which know how to draw nodes on path
OnConditionTest condition
OnStackTest whether object can carry moved stack
OnStrongPadTest whether model is on Wall or on powerful fish
OnWallTest whether model is on Wall
OptionAgentGame options
OptionParamsDescribe command line params
OptionsInputHandle input for options menu
OutlineOutline around picture
PathPath to a installed data
PathExceptionException about filename and filesystem
PedoInputHandle input for pedometer
PedometerPedometer with tree buttons
PhaseLockerLock game for anim phases
PictureStatic picture at fixed screen position
PixelIteratorIterator over surface pixels
PixelToolPixel rutines
PlannedDialogActive dialog
PlannerAction planner
PosterScrollerScroll very height picture
PosterStateStatic picture
RadioBoxRadio box with picture background
RandomUtils for random numbers
ResColorPackPack of color aliases
ResDialogPackMulti-language dialogs pack
ResImagePackImage resources and image loading
ResourceExceptionException about not found resource
ResourcePack< T >Share resources
ResSoundPackSound resources
RoomRoom with level
RoomAccessInterface to access changing room
RopeDecorDraw rope between two models
RulesGame rules
ScriptAgentGlobal scripting
ScriptCmdCommand which execute script function
ScripterBase class using a script
ScriptExceptionException about script fail
ScriptStateIndependent script state
SDLExceptionException about SDL fail
SDLSoundAgentSound and music
SelectLangMenu with flags to select prefered lang
ShapeStores model shape
SimpleMsgSimple text messgage
SliderSlider for option value
SolverDrawerDraws the best solver
SoundAgentSound and music interface
StateInputHandle input for game state
StateManagerStack of states
StatusDisplayShow status change
StepCounterInterface to number of steps
StepDecorDraw number of steps
StringMsgMessage with string value
StringToolString utils
stroke_lessKeyStroke comparation
SubTitleAgentSubtitles manager
SurfaceLockLock and unlock surface
SurfaceToolSurface rutines
SysVideoSystem dependend video functions
TimerAgentDelay and framerame
TTFExceptionException about SDL_ttf fail
UnitUnit to drive
UnknownMsgExceptionException about unknown msg
V2Vector x,y
VBoxVertical box
VideoAgentVideo agent initializes video mode and every cycle lets registered drawers to drawOn(screen)
ViewView for model
ViewEffectGraphic effect before blit
WavyPictureWavy picture at fixed screen position
WiBoxBox which care about subwidget layout
WiButtonButton widget
WiContainerWidget with one subwidget inside
WiLabelConstant text label
WiParaMulti line paragraph
WiPicturePicture widget
WiSpaceEmpty place with width and height
WiStatusBarStatusbar with fixed width
WorldBranchCan read graph of level nodes
WorldInputHandle input for worldmap
WorldMapMap with path from one level to another

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