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Fish Fillets - Next Generation File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
AgentPack.cpp [code]
AgentPack.h [code]
Anim.cpp [code]
Anim.h [code]
Application.cpp [code]
Application.h [code]
BaseAgent.cpp [code]
BaseAgent.h [code]
BaseException.cpp [code]
BaseException.h [code]
BaseListener.cpp [code]
BaseListener.h [code]
BaseMsg.cpp [code]
BaseMsg.h [code]
Color.h [code]
Command.h [code]
CommandQueue.cpp [code]
CommandQueue.h [code]
ConsoleInput.cpp [code]
ConsoleInput.h [code]
Controls.cpp [code]
Controls.h [code]
ControlSym.h [code]
CountAdvisor.h [code]
Cube.cpp [code]
Cube.h [code]
Decor.h [code]
def-script.cpp [code]
def-script.h [code]
demo-script.cpp [code]
demo-script.h [code]
DemoInput.cpp [code]
DemoInput.h [code]
DemoMode.cpp [code]
DemoMode.h [code]
DescFinder.h [code]
dialog-script.cpp [code]
dialog-script.h [code]
Dialog.cpp [code]
Dialog.h [code]
DialogStack.cpp [code]
DialogStack.h [code]
Dir.cpp [code]
Dir.h [code]
Drawable.h [code]
DummySoundAgent.h [code]
EffectDisintegrate.cpp [code]
EffectDisintegrate.h [code]
EffectInvisible.h [code]
EffectMirror.cpp [code]
EffectMirror.h [code]
EffectNone.cpp [code]
EffectNone.h [code]
EffectReverse.cpp [code]
EffectReverse.h [code]
EffectZx.cpp [code]
EffectZx.h [code]
Environ.cpp [code]
Environ.h [code]
ExInfo.cpp [code]
ExInfo.h [code]
Field.cpp [code]
Field.h [code]
FinderAlg.cpp [code]
FinderAlg.h [code]
FinderField.cpp [code]
FinderField.h [code]
FinderPlace.h [code]
FishDialog.cpp [code]
FishDialog.h [code]
Font.cpp [code]
Font.h [code]
FsPath.cpp [code]
FsPath.h [code]
FsPath_boost.cpp [code]
game-script.cpp [code]
game-script.h [code]
GameAgent.cpp [code]
GameAgent.h [code]
GameInput.cpp [code]
GameInput.h [code]
GameState.cpp [code]
GameState.h [code]
Goal.cpp [code]
Goal.h [code]
HBox.cpp [code]
HBox.h [code]
HelpException.h [code]
HelpInput.cpp [code]
HelpInput.h [code]
ImgException.cpp [code]
ImgException.h [code]
INamed.h [code]
InputAgent.cpp [code]
InputAgent.h [code]
InputHandler.cpp [code]
InputHandler.h [code]
InputProvider.h [code]
IntMsg.cpp [code]
IntMsg.h [code]
IWidget.cpp [code]
IWidget.h [code]
KeyBinder.cpp [code]
KeyBinder.h [code]
KeyConsole.cpp [code]
KeyConsole.h [code]
KeyControl.cpp [code]
KeyControl.h [code]
KeyDesc.cpp [code]
KeyDesc.h [code]
Keymap.cpp [code]
Keymap.h [code]
KeyStroke.cpp [code]
KeyStroke.h [code]
Labels.cpp [code]
Labels.h [code]
Landslip.cpp [code]
Landslip.h [code]
LayeredPicture.cpp [code]
LayeredPicture.h [code]
LayoutException.h [code]
level-script.cpp [code]
level-script.h [code]
Level.cpp [code]
Level.h [code]
LevelCountDown.cpp [code]
LevelCountDown.h [code]
LevelDesc.cpp [code]
LevelDesc.h [code]
LevelInput.cpp [code]
LevelInput.h [code]
LevelLoading.cpp [code]
LevelLoading.h [code]
LevelNode.cpp [code]
LevelNode.h [code]
LevelScript.cpp [code]
LevelScript.h [code]
LevelStatus.cpp [code]
LevelStatus.h [code]
LoadException.h [code]
Log.cpp [code]
Log.h [code]
LogicException.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
MarkMask.cpp [code]
MarkMask.h [code]
MenuHelp.cpp [code]
MenuHelp.h [code]
MenuOptions.cpp [code]
MenuOptions.h [code]
MessagerAgent.cpp [code]
MessagerAgent.h [code]
minmax.h [code]
MixException.cpp [code]
MixException.h [code]
ModelFactory.cpp [code]
ModelFactory.h [code]
ModelList.cpp [code]
ModelList.h [code]
MouseControl.cpp [code]
MouseControl.h [code]
MouseStroke.cpp [code]
MouseStroke.h [code]
MultiDrawer.cpp [code]
MultiDrawer.h [code]
Name.cpp [code]
Name.h [code]
NameException.h [code]
NoCopy.h [code]
NodeDrawer.cpp [code]
NodeDrawer.h [code]
OnCondition.h [code]
OnStack.h [code]
OnStrongPad.h [code]
OnWall.h [code]
OptionAgent.cpp [code]
OptionAgent.h [code]
OptionParams.cpp [code]
OptionParams.h [code]
options-script.cpp [code]
options-script.h [code]
OptionsInput.cpp [code]
OptionsInput.h [code]
Outline.cpp [code]
Outline.h [code]
Path.cpp [code]
Path.h [code]
PathException.h [code]
PedoInput.cpp [code]
PedoInput.h [code]
Pedometer.cpp [code]
Pedometer.h [code]
PhaseLocker.cpp [code]
PhaseLocker.h [code]
Picture.cpp [code]
Picture.h [code]
PixelIterator.cpp [code]
PixelIterator.h [code]
PixelTool.cpp [code]
PixelTool.h [code]
PlannedDialog.cpp [code]
PlannedDialog.h [code]
Planner.cpp [code]
Planner.h [code]
PosterScroller.cpp [code]
PosterScroller.h [code]
PosterState.cpp [code]
PosterState.h [code]
RadioBox.cpp [code]
RadioBox.h [code]
Random.cpp [code]
Random.h [code]
ResColorPack.h [code]
ResDialogPack.cpp [code]
ResDialogPack.h [code]
ResImagePack.cpp [code]
ResImagePack.h [code]
ResourceException.h [code]
ResourcePack.h [code]
ResSoundPack.cpp [code]
ResSoundPack.h [code]
Room.cpp [code]
Room.h [code]
RoomAccess.cpp [code]
RoomAccess.h [code]
RopeDecor.cpp [code]
RopeDecor.h [code]
Rules.cpp [code]
Rules.h [code]
ScriptAgent.cpp [code]
ScriptAgent.h [code]
ScriptCmd.cpp [code]
ScriptCmd.h [code]
Scripter.cpp [code]
Scripter.h [code]
ScriptException.h [code]
ScriptState.cpp [code]
ScriptState.h [code]
SDL_gfxPrimitives.c [code]
SDL_gfxPrimitives.h [code]
SDLException.cpp [code]
SDLException.h [code]
SDLSoundAgent.cpp [code]
SDLSoundAgent.h [code]
SelectLang.cpp [code]
SelectLang.h [code]
Shape.cpp [code]
Shape.h [code]
SimpleMsg.h [code]
Slider.cpp [code]
Slider.h [code]
SolverDrawer.cpp [code]
SolverDrawer.h [code]
SoundAgent.cpp [code]
SoundAgent.h [code]
StateInput.cpp [code]
StateInput.h [code]
StateManager.cpp [code]
StateManager.h [code]
StatusDisplay.cpp [code]
StatusDisplay.h [code]
StepCounter.h [code]
StepDecor.cpp [code]
StepDecor.h [code]
StringMsg.cpp [code]
StringMsg.h [code]
StringTool.cpp [code]
StringTool.h [code]
SubTitleAgent.cpp [code]
SubTitleAgent.h [code]
SurfaceLock.cpp [code]
SurfaceLock.h [code]
SurfaceTool.cpp [code]
SurfaceTool.h [code]
SysVideo.cpp [code]
SysVideo.h [code]
TimerAgent.cpp [code]
TimerAgent.h [code]
Title.cpp [code]
Title.h [code]
TTFException.cpp [code]
TTFException.h [code]
Unit.cpp [code]
Unit.h [code]
UnknownMsgException.h [code]
V2.h [code]
VBox.cpp [code]
VBox.h [code]
VideoAgent.cpp [code]
VideoAgent.h [code]
View.cpp [code]
View.h [code]
ViewEffect.h [code]
WavyPicture.cpp [code]
WavyPicture.h [code]
WiBox.cpp [code]
WiBox.h [code]
WiButton.cpp [code]
WiButton.h [code]
WiContainer.cpp [code]
WiContainer.h [code]
WiLabel.cpp [code]
WiLabel.h [code]
WiPara.cpp [code]
WiPara.h [code]
WiPicture.cpp [code]
WiPicture.h [code]
WiSpace.h [code]
WiStatusBar.cpp [code]
WiStatusBar.h [code]
WorldBranch.cpp [code]
WorldBranch.h [code]
WorldInput.cpp [code]
WorldInput.h [code]
worldmap-script.cpp [code]
worldmap-script.h [code]
WorldMap.cpp [code]
WorldMap.h [code]

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